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Greta Fitchett
Quiltmaker and Creative Textile Artist

I draw my inspiration from a number of sources, and ideas are recorded and developed in a series of sketchbooks. I work with mixed media, and favourites include drawing with ink, which enables me to explore shapes, and recording colour with pastel and paint. My camera is also an essential sketching tool, which I use to explore subjects in detail. The photographs become an important ingredient of my sketchbooks. These ideas are then valuable sources of inspiration in my textile work.

I am attracted to both colour and pattern and these are generally found in my sources of inspiration. Pattern found in many cultures, often with it’s own language, tiling and architectural detail are explored, from locations such as Venice, Turkey, Tunisia and Morocco, Hong Kong and London. Architectural reflections, street paving and manhole covers offer me inspirational patterns. Seaside beach huts provide ideas for geometric designs, and fishing boats, different the world over, provide exciting colour schemes. My recent three dimensional cakes and confectionery are calorie free! And for serenity, the summer flower garden, alive with vibrant colour, interesting shapes and continuing change as the season progresses.

I use many techniques in my stitched textiles, usually combining several in one piece. These skills are based on traditional techniques, but developed into contemporary styles and often worked by machine. Techniques include patchwork and quilting, appliqué, free machine embroidery, hand embroidery and fabric painting. Colour is a strong feature of my work, and I hand dye many of the fabrics, giving them a unique uneven colouration. Adding as much colour as I can with appliqué and stitchery makes each piece bright and vibrant.


Living Threads Group (UK East Midlands based Textile Group)
Quilters Guild of the British Isles: member and qualified quilt judge
Contemporary Quilters
Embroiderers Guild
Associate member of the Embroidery Development Scheme

Please note that I am registered at all of the above in my own name, not Heatherlea Design

Mike Fitchett
Artist and Designer

My professional background is in Graphic Design, Product Design and Engineering Illustration. From my work as Artist/Designer for a UK based Architectural Clocks company, examples of my designs, both traditional and contemporary style, can be found across the UK and overseas.

My interests include travel, the arts, and architecture. Art and drawing is my first passion, and my sketchbook my constant companion. My favourite subjects are interior and exterior scenes of our everyday surroundings, and cityscapes in places such as London and Venice. As an Urban Sketcher, examples of my work may be seen on the Urban Sketchers FLICKR pages. Also evident in my work is my lifelong interest in railways. I am now venturing into collage work, quiltmaking and printmaking.